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Author:Anita Forbes
Illustrator:Natalie Jane Parker
Publisher:Brolly Books
Page:12 pages
Traditional Chinese books
★ Natalie Parker's work is always accompanied by variety of Australia's unique wildlife. The theme of her works include: friendship, family, cooperation, loyalty, responsibility, and has been translated into different languages​​, including: Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese
Ben the beetle became the best friend to Flynn the ant from the previous adventure. Ben even joins and live with the ant community. But one morning, they notices there is something wrong as the entire ant community is in a hurry. After inquiring Alyra, the assistant to Ant Queen, they know that the Ant Queen is badly sick and the only cure is the blue petals from a type of blue flowers that only grow in the very deep part of the forest. Deeply from their hearts, Ben and Flynn feel another adventure is calling on them.