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Author:Natalie Jane Parker
Illustrator:Natalie Jane Parker
Publisher:Brolly Books
Page:9 pages
Traditional Chinese books
★Natalie Parker's work is always accompanied by variety of Australia's unique wildlife. The theme of her works include: friendship, family, cooperation, loyalty, responsibility, and has been translated into different languages​​, including: Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese
Blip lives alone in the rainforest. One day, he meets Pip, who becomes his best friend. After a big storm has passed, a terrible thing happens—Pip is broken! Blip is upset and lonely again, until he meets a familiar stranger in the forest… Sometimes we feel lonely. That happens on children, too. But there always are friends around as long as we are brave enough to make with. Parents should encourage their children, specially those live in the cities, to make friends and develop team sprit.